Credit Services

Business Financing Solutions works with any business and with all credit scores as we have a unique system of reviewing credit before your credit is actually run by lending institutions.

Once a negative item is reported to your personal or business credit report, it has an immediate impact on your company’s business credit profile. This should come as a serious warning for anyone who requests a copy of your credit report and may cause some companies to refuse to do business with you.

A negative credit report can make it very difficult to qualify for additional credit, be it corporate or personal. If you do find a lender who is willing to do business with you, the increased interest rates and fees associated with the loan will make the cost of borrowing money much greater. You may even have difficulty obtaining insurance if your credit problems are serious enough.

The good news is that regardless of your credit situation BFS will always make sure you qualified first before your credit is run so we can help to increase your bottom line.