Vendor Program

Our Vendor Financing Programs are structured to have your leased equipment transactions with customers be seamless and without complications

Searching for approvals hurts credit scores. Each time an inquiry is made regarding your credit, your credit score takes a hit against it. Shopping around will hurt your credit score. BFS realizes this which is exactly why we have one of the highest approval ratios around. Through our program, your customers will be pre-approved and without running their credit! Here is what else you can expect:

  • Pre-approvals without pulling credit
  • One stop financing for all your customers’ needs
  • Tailored market specific financing programs & purchase options
  • 100% pre-funding when needed
  • Commitment to excellence above and beyond industry standard
  • Wire transferred funds after receiving final invoices
  • All credits and start-ups thoroughly considered
  • Quick turn around time for approvals & purchase orders
  • Dedicated account management representative
  • Competitive rate card pricing
  • Simplified procedures and documents
  • Equipment warranty and supply financing
  • Canadian/Mexican financing available

Vendor Marketing gives you the convenience of distributing customized materials to targeting customers and make an impact in your bottom line.

Getting your equipment in front of as many prospects as possible for as long as possible, is the objective of most marketers. Gifts branded with your name, logo and company information keeps your customers remembering you. Let us help you be remembered.

  • Customized applications for entire sales force
  • Tools such as payment and ROI calculators for breaking price objections
  • Customized fliers and emails for sales, promotions and holidays
  • Training in leveraging financing for closing techniques
  • Application links to your web page
  • Web design and construction

Vendor Trade Show Support gives you the edge over your competitors in having a dedicated financing consultant at your side.

Trade show lead follow up is just one service marketing tool to properly qualify, organize and close your prospects so your highly skilled, highly paid salespeople are not wasting their valuable time! BFS understands this and offers the following additional services:

  • On site trade show approvals
  • Purchase orders at trade shows within hours of signed documents by customer
  • Custom banners and marketing materials to keep you remembered
  • Calling leads, finding buyers and compiling data after a show