Project & Venture Capital

Business Financing Solutions is your partner in assisting to locate the exact lending source to fit your project needs.

Understanding the scope of your project, the financial plan, risk assessment, contractual arrangements, public/private infrastructure partnerships, government regulatory provisions, public/private financing structures, credit requirements of lenders and ROA/ROI, in addition to bank revolver covenants such as capital expenditures caps, total debt to equity ratios, additional indebtedness restrictions and EBITDA minimums, are just some of the considerations BFS examines when reviewing potential funding institutions.

Upon approval, transactions are then structured and documented utilizing documentation approved by the participant funding source. After securing the transaction with a written commitment and deposit, BFS then awards the transaction to the particular funding source prior to funding.

Whether your project is $250,000 or $500,000,000 – Business Financing Solutions’ dedicated Account Executives take action immediately in having questions answered to help reduce your workload and research that the strategic streamlining and planning of large-scale projects require so as to inevitably increase your bottom line.